Meseret Mebrate talks about her current situation

Meseret Mebrate is among the famous 90s Ethiopian actresses. She has performed on several Ethiopian movies and television series such as Gemena on which she is a main character.


Union Bank inaugurates Hibr Tower at a cost of over 2.8 billion birr

Union Bank inaugurates over 2.8 billion birr head office building

FDRE President Sahlework Zewde officially inaugurated the bank building.

The 23-year-old Union Bank building, which is 23 years old, covers an area of 3,300 square kilometers.

The building is equipped with world-class modern equipment, with 13 compasses, more than 147 security cameras, a 270-square-meter screen, and is all-encompassing and fully functional.

The impending postponement of the next AU summit in Addis Ababa is a more coordinated campaign than most of us Westerners think and hear. Of course, holding an African Union summit in Addis Ababa may not be so much of a concern as it is and has been for most Ethiopians. However, diverting the regular meeting of the African Union (AU) to Addis Ababa, the headquarters of the African Union, is a major diplomatic and political loss for Ethiopia.

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