Ethiopian contradictory youth group talking to media

It is stated that the upcoming baptismal celebration will be celebrated with great pomp and ceremony in Dire Dawa.

In connection with the celebration, the Mayor of the Administration, Kedir Juhar and Commissioner Alemu Magra held a joint discussion with the Orthodox Tewahedo Fathers.

Attending the joint prayer and inauguration ceremony of the Patriarchs, Dr. Kedir Jawar, the Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) Said the mayor:

He said the administration is undertaking various activities to ensure the peaceful observance of this year’s Baptism Day.

The church leaders, church leaders and religious leaders, who attended the meeting, thanked the administration and the Dire Dawa police for their work over the past two years. That’s what they said.

He called on the laity to accept and apply the messages of the church and the clergy, saying that they should take responsibility for their future baptism as before.

Dire Dawa Police Commissioner Alemu Magra on his part said the people of Dire Dawa are a symbol of love and peace and they celebrate all holidays as a family.

The commissioner added that the police will hold a special equestrian event to ensure the peace and tranquility of the festival.

At the end of the forum, a consensus was reached regarding the celebration and ideas and points were expressed.
1. It is not possible to use or carry any banner other than the church and the federal flag in connection with the festival.
2- It is stated that no painting is prohibited in different parts of the city, roads, squares and similar places and places.

The Dire Dawa Police will inform the public and the media in advance of the event regarding detailed warnings and restrictions related to the event.

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