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We were told we could not have children – Nitsuh Haile

The Public and Community Communication Monitoring Directorate of the EBBA is discussing the monitoring practices and outcomes with the media and senior editors.

The main purpose of the discussion is to disseminate the monitoring work being carried out by the Authority to the media and to reach a consensus in order to successfully complete the country’s survival campaign.

The Deputy Director General of the Ethiopian Media Authority, Yonatan Tesfaye, said that although some changes have been made in the reports following the survival campaign, they are all inadequate.

In addition to making news, the media should also be able to report on the existence of the campaign on other entertainment programs and be able to withstand the economic pressures that come with the campaign, he added.

It is hoped that the participants will be able to gain a broad understanding of how working with the Authority can be effective in supporting our country’s survival campaign.

Memorandum of Understanding signed by Ethiopian Media Authority and Education and Training Authority.

The agreement was signed by the two institutions to work together on advertisements for higher education institutions.

To enable the higher education institutions advertise in various media outlets to provide the public with relevant and accurate information; They signed an agreement to work together to enforce the laws they enforce and control and to protect the community from undue economic and social abuse.

Director General of the Ethiopian Media Authority, Mohamed Idris “We will sign the document,” he said.

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