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Addis Ababa loses more than 1.52 billion birr annually due to illegal slaughter

Addis Ababa City loses more than 1.52 billion birr due to illegal slaughter in every village, Rebekah Masresha, public relations representative of the Addis Ababa Miners’ Organization, told Bisrat Radio.

It is estimated that the company will slaughter 2,500 to 3,000 Dalga cattle and 1,500 to 2,000 small animals, including sheep and goats.

It is said to sell 285 birr for oxen and 210 birr for sheep and goats.

The holiday season requires a lot of manpower, as well as manpower; It is stated that the necessary preparations for the festival have been completed by providing adequate inputs and meat distribution vehicles.

In addition to this, the Addis Ababa Exporters’ Association, in response to the call of the Prime Minister, has partnered with the Addis Ababa Exporters Association to provide fast and efficient slaughtering services to traders. According to Ayele Sahle, General Manager of Addis Ababa Exporters Association, we have completed our preparations to provide the service to supermarkets.

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