I just met my soulmate – couple moment

I am the luckiest man on earth said the short man who married his soulmate. May lord bless their union.

Addis Ababa police have completed preparations for a peaceful celebration

Addis Ababa Police

Addis Ababa Police say police officers are deployed to prevent crime in crowded markets and transportation hubs.

According to the Prime Minister, Ethiopians and Ethiopians of Ethiopian descent are working together to ensure a peaceful celebration of the holiday with their families and are working hard to prevent crime and traffic accidents.

Addis Ababa Police recalled that the community has contributed to the peaceful celebration of religious and national holidays in the past and called on all residents of the city to work together for the peaceful celebration of this year’s Christmas.

The public is urged to call 991 toll-free or to report any suspicious activity to the police.

Renovated and renovated homes by volunteers at various institutions and in the summer were given to the poor and vulnerable

Addis Ababa City Mayor, Adanech Abebe, today handed over 496 houses renovated and rebuilt in various sub-cities through volunteer service.

Over the past few months, 315 houses have been renovated during the summer volunteer program and 181 new kebele houses have been handed over to the low-income and vulnerable.

“Help and support is an Ethiopian tradition,” said Mayor Adanech Abebe.

Mayor Adanech Abebe said it is the duty of all citizens to help those in need by renovating their homes, which have been difficult to live in, especially during the winter months.

According to the Addis Ababa Prosperity Party Office, the mayor said that it is planned to renovate more than 2,000 houses by coordinating various institutions and volunteers this summer.

As a result of Christmas, a total of more than 595 homes have been rebuilt and rehabilitated, and handed over to the poorest of the poor, the homeless, and the families of the warriors.

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