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Overtime curfew lifted in Gondar.

The curfew has been lifted during the state of emergency in the historic city of Gondar.

Due to the curfew from 4.00 to 11.30 pm, it was decided yesterday that all bodies, including vehicles, could move safely 24 hours a day.

Other restrictions may remain.


• Carrying a weapon outside the authorized area of the security forces is strictly prohibited.
• It is strictly forbidden for anyone to bring a drink to the bar or have fun.
• It is forbidden to harass strangers or anyone.
• Incorrect pricing is prohibited on any sales service.
• Everyone is required to show identification when asked to show identification.
• Blockchain protection will be uninterrupted and strengthened.
• Security checks may be intensified by security checks.

Let all stand up for the cause of baptism, In the event of a security breach, report to the nearest police station or report to a local security authority.

The information came from the Gondar City Administration Command Post.

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