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Amazing time with Selam and Neba part one

Selam and Neba had an amazing time on ye Lib wog show.  “There is no team that we give special weight to.”

Ethiopian national team head coach Wobetu Abate and Ambelu Getaneh Kebede shared their thoughts with local journalists in a press conference held ahead of Ethiopia’s match against Cape Verde at 4:00 pm tomorrow.

“We are the first team to arrive in Cameroon,” he said. Returning to the tournament eight years later, most of the players said they were new to this year’s VR technology but said it would not make much difference. “This is a new experience for us as most of our players play in our national league. But teams have to score on what they show on the field. So we have no problem with that. “

Asked by reporters if he had been underestimated in this year’s competition, the coach said, “Everyone has given us a low regard. Our place in FIFA rankings is low. But it is difficult to say for sure. As we all know, our opponents are strong and well-rounded. But we are also ready to compete and show what we have. We are ready to do good, even if no one expects us to. You saw our team on the screen. We are not the same group as before. “

Asked about the Cameroonian version of the statement, the coach chose to look at the matter in two ways. “I want to see this for better or for worse. We know Cameroon is a strong team and will play in front of the country and its fans. This is important for them. “On the other hand, it’s important for us because it puts pressure on them and frees us from stress.”

“We are ready to show what we have for our continent and the world,” he said. We have a lot of potential players. We have to introduce this to the world of football. On the other hand, other groups have experience. But we are ready to show something different and become a surprise team. ” They stated their intention.

“Tomorrow is the first game for Ethiopia.” So both teams have an equal chance. They are strong, but we are ready to show something better. As for the category, the teams are strong; We respect them. But we do not have a special focus group. This is football. “

“We were thinking of Saudi Arabia,” he said. But we came to Cameroon because of a travel ban. Before we arrived, many doubted that the Africa Cup of Nations would be held. Our early arrival in Cameroon signaled that the race was on. We also benefited from our early arrival here. It made it possible for us to play a friendly game, and we all got together to avoid problems with covides and the like. ”

“Once we got here, we were in trouble with Kovid. Five or six players could not practice for days. The good news is that all the players are free now. In terms of injuries, Shimeles Bekele and Dawa Hotesa are doubtful for tomorrow’s game with hamstring and ankle injuries, while the others are in good health.

Accompanied by coach Wobetu Abate, Ambelu Genh Kebede said he will participate in the forum for the second time and said they are ready to play well tomorrow. He also suggested that the presence of VR in games is good for our team. “Before we play Ghana in the qualifiers, we did well against Ivory Coast in the World Cup qualifiers. We were better off. “Even though the result is not clear, we are doing well.”

Our national team will have its final practice tonight before tomorrow’s game.

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