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Addis Ababa City Administration Transport Bureau Tariff Amendment has been announced following the increase in the price of petroleum products, Deputy Head of the Bureau’s Operations Sector, Yirgalem Berhane, told Bisrat.

The Urban Transport Bureau studied the tariff reform and implemented the tariff amendment based on the demand of the service providers in the transport sector and the community.

With the actual tariff increase to be effective on December 8, the Medi Bass Taxi (Hager and Cruise Buses) has been increased from 40 Sa per kilometer to 45 Sa. In the case of a city minibus taxi, it has increased from 90 s per kilometer to 1 birr per person.

This means that according to the new tariff, there is a minimum increase of 1 birr for minibuses and a maximum of 2 birr for urban minibus taxis and a maximum of 3 birr for 50 cents.
Because the city government subsidizes:
The tariff increase does not include public transport (Lion, Sheger, public bus).

There are a total of about 10,000 service providers in the city; It transports more than 2.6 million citizens by all means of transportation. There are more than 350 regulators involved in illegal cross-cutting, non-coverage and cost-effective service providers.

In connection with this, more than 300 vehicles are fined daily in Addis Ababa. The number of vehicles fined each day has increased in the past.

In Addis Ababa, more than 300 vehicles are fined daily

There are about 10,000 transport providers in Addis Ababa, including mass transport, Midi bus (highway and subway), city taxis. However, it is still not enough to meet the needs of the community.

The city government is undertaking extensive work to address this issue. Considering the current situation in the country, the increase in tariffs announced today has excluded these public transport providers from the increase.

It is common for people in the city, especially those who are currently in service, to consider it a privilege to increase tariffs, illegal crossings and non-linearities.

Addis Ababa Transport Bureau Deputy Head of Operations Sector, Yirgalem Berhane, told Bisrat that strict action will be taken against such service providers.

Noting that there are more than 350 regulators regarding the price increase providers; “Emergency and regular inspections will be carried out and there will be severe penalties,” he said.

In connection with this, more than 300 vehicles are fined daily in Addis Ababa. They say the number of vehicles being fined daily has increased in the past.

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