Yelib Weg – Eyob and Micky

Eyob has performed on most movies which require a character of his age. He came to age and now started to perform on romantic movies. Micky is another exciting actor who became familiar in the last few years.

Dire Dawa administration will create more than 17,000 permanent and temporary jobs this budget year.

    It is known that a proclamation was issued by the Dire Dawa Administration Council to reorganize the executive and municipal services and determine their duties and responsibilities. In line with this, the former Dire Dawa Administration Technical Vocational and Enterprise Development Bureau has been reorganized and renamed the Dire Dawa Administration's Skills and Technology Development Bureau.

   The Dire Dawa Administration's Skills and Technology Development Bureau is responsible for the previous job creation, technical and vocational training agency, excellence center, the newly renovated technology agency, and the former Bureau of Labor and Social Affairs. Dire Dawa Administration Skills and Technology Development Bureau Head, Robel Getachew said.

   He added that more than 17,000 permanent and temporary jobs will be created by the Dire Dawa administration in the current budget year. He said the TVET will provide market-oriented technical and vocational education trainings, mainly by introducing new technologies to the public and providing the required technical and vocational training in the new sector, he said.

       According to Dire Dawa Administration Bureau of Skills and Technology Development, the new organization will work in a multi-sectoral manner to provide fair and efficient service to the residents and solve the problems of good governance. Their master, Reuben, said.

    It is believed that technology will play an important role in accelerating the development and growth of the Dire Dawa administration. It is also planned to build technology cafes and parks, he said.

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