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Imperial Match Road Project Activity.
The road construction project, which is being constructed at a cost of over 791 million birr in the area commonly known as Imperial Square in Addis Ababa, is doing well.

The construction work is being carried out by China First Highway Engineering, while Stadi Engineering is consulting and supervising.
This simulation project is being developed to have a length of 1.8 km and a side width of up to 42 meters.

The project is currently nearing completion on a 300-meter, 14-meter-wide bridge over Imperial Square.

Construction of this road project has been completed for 20 months. However, the construction of the road was delayed due to the fact that underground water, telephone and electricity lines were not fully operational to complete the project on time.

Therefore, the Authority calls on the concerned stakeholders to pay due attention and move around the infrastructure.


It is important to prevent similar problems in the future, so the management took the time to discuss with the employees in a hierarchical manner and the union also discussed with its members.
Has been notifying you.

The response from the members, as well as from various sources
Financial and material support observed by the staff of the institution on their own initiative;
How much the employee is interested in fulfilling his or her social responsibilities and contributing to the affairs of the country
It shows that he has the motivation to participate and that this motivation is consistent
Our company has facilitated institutional funding to implement this.

The main thing for the employee to keep in mind is financial and material support
By ensuring that the services provided by our institution are uninterrupted
Realizing that it is important for them to maintain their quality, it is important for them to do so
Commitment is something that every employee can contribute without having to go far
It is without contribution.

For every worker, telecom services are the backbone of the country’s economy
Recognizing that he is a bone, he entrusted him with the responsibility of faithfully carrying out his responsibilities wherever he went
We are also reminded: To provide one month’s salary support in which all employees of the institution participate
We announce that conditions are favorable.

As a result, our company already deposits this money in the name of the employee.
Starting in December 2021, it will be deducted from the employee’s salary for 18 months each month.

However, due to the large amount of revenue our company generates in the name of the employee, the pressure on the institution
To ensure that all employees do their part to improve the income of the institution in the sector in which it operates
We recommend.

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