Yaltabese Emba Episode 36 Kana TV drama

Yaltabese Enba Part 36

Yaltabese Enba is the latest Kana TV drama which you can watch on Kana Television every week days at 7PM local Ethiopian time. The show has got popularity among the youth age group.

Student Bereket Tesfaye took the 12th grade national examination after surgery.

Bereket Tesfaye, a student at Adama Model High School in Adama, took the 12th grade national examination after surgery.

Student Bereket is a social science student at Adama Model High School.

He said that despite the family and teachers advising him to take the test next year, he was prepared for the test and decided to take the test.

Bereket, who said he had been preparing for the exam for a long time, said he was eager to take the exam and that he was able to take the national exam as he saw fit.

Student Blessing also said that students should be committed to overcoming obstacles to achieve their goals.

The Grade 12 National Examination ended peacefully.

Addis Ababa City Administration Education Bureau Deputy Head, Dagnew Gebru, told Bisrat Radio that more than 35,000 students have passed the 12th Grade National Examination in Addis Ababa.

He noted that there have been no disruptions in the process since the start of the 2013 Grade 12 Exit Examination, and that some students have been arrested for trying to enter the classroom by telephone.

The students, who completed their exams today at the invitation of the City Education Bureau, supported the Defense Forces and the IDPs.

The students donated blood, a variety of food items and clothing, and donated food, including pasta and rice, as well as grades 12, as well as notebooks.

He also thanked Bisrat Radio for taking such volunteer work as an example for others, given the current situation in the country.

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