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Violators will be fined up to 6,000 birr and a fine of up to three months for violating the curfew, which takes effect on Monday.

It should be remembered that the Addis Ababa City Administration of Transportation announced the restoration of trucks, machinery and similar vehicles in Addis Ababa. The action against the bodies will lead to a fine of between 500,000 and 6,000 birr and a 1 to 3 month driver’s license, Aregawi Maru, head of the office, told Bisrat Radio.

Therefore, all truck drivers, machinists and similar vehicles are urged to know the information and follow the instructions. Your police will take action against those who violate the rules within the scope of the penalty.


  1. Entering the city and moving within the city without a valid driver’s license, as well as loading and unloading on the highway, is punishable by a fine of 1,000 birr for the first time, 2,000 for the second time, and 3,000 birr for a double offense.
  2. Entering the city with an expired driver’s license or moving in the city for the first time will be fined 5,000 birr, the second time 1,000, and more than 4,000 birr. The driver’s license will be suspended for 2 months.
  3. The use of the driver’s license outside of the approved time zone is punishable by a fine of Rs 5,000 for the first time, Rs 1,000 for the second time, and a fine of Birr 2,000 for a second time.
  4. Possession and use of a revoked or impaired mobility license, as well as the transfer of a mobility license to another entity and the impersonation of another vehicle license; A fine of 6,000 birr will be suspended for 3 months.
  5. Throwing or destroying a license more than twice; He will be fined 1,000 birr and will have his license renewed.

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