Kalkidan and Tariku back together

Previously there were a report about the two famous artists marriage. It was rumored that they have decided to take their paths. But now things look completely different as the two have seen in a public place together after a while.


The Addis Ababa City Council has examined and approved the candidates for the mayor’s office, deputy mayor and various bureaucrats.

Today, Adanech Abebe, who has been appointed mayor of Addis Ababa for the next five years, presented her candidacy to the council.

Addis Ababa Mayor Adanech Abebe presented the House to the House of Representatives, the House of Representatives, the Deputy Speaker and the heads of various offices of the Deputy Mayor.

Girma Seifu, the leader of the EZM party, has been nominated to be the commissioner of the Addis Ababa Investment Commission.

Similarly, Youssef Ibrahim, the party’s leader, has been nominated by the mayor to run the Addis Ababa City Property Administration Authority.

In addition, Yonas Zewde has been elected as the mayor of the city.

The council examined the candidates and approved the appointment with 120 votes in favor, 1 against and 4 abstentions.

In the same manner, Dire Dawa to form new city administration today

The Dire Dawa City Council will form a new administration to lead the city for the next five years.

A meeting was held last night for the current members of the council, and today, September 19, the council will elect the speakers of the council and nominate the mayor of the city.

According to information received from the Dire Dawa Mayor’s Office, Bisrat will also approve the appointment of cabinet members.

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