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An agricultural and industrial bazaar will be held every Sunday in selected places in Addis Ababa.

Addis Ababa City Trade Bureau announced that a bazaar is needed to control the rising cost of living in Addis Ababa and to reduce the artificial inflation caused by the supply and distribution of goods.

Head of the Bureau, Adam Nuri, said the bazaar aims to shorten the supply chain and expand market options between suppliers and consumers.

He said 20 places have been prepared for the first round of the bazaar.

The bazaar will also offer teff and wheat flour, bean sprouts, grains and grains, as well as vegetables and fruits.

Industry, oil, macaroni and pasta will be supplied, he said.

He said the purpose of the bazaar is to deliver fresh agricultural products to consumers, reduce the supply link between producers and consumers and create alternative markets and reduce the living standards of the low-income groups.

Cooperatives and farmers, Addis Ababa Cooperatives, Addis Ababa Crop Producers and wholesalers and food processing factories will participate in the bazaar, he said.

Abet Taxi says he has come up with a solution to solve Addis Ababa’s transportation problem

  • more than 30 thousand customers from the registration fee by performing a procedure to ensure that they will be owners of the cars.

Abet Transport announced that it has completed preparations to supply 521, 7, 7 and 26-seat taxis and minibuses with 2021 German and Russian versions of electric and fuel to meet the demand and supply needs of Addis Ababa and neighboring cities.

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