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Ethiopia plans to increase its milk production to 11.8 billion liters by 2022

Demand for livestock products in Ethiopia is increasing day by day.

Despite growing demand, domestic production has not been able to deliver the required quantity and quality.

According to the World Agriculture Organization, by 2030, its milk production will be 231 tons.

It also plans to produce 11.8 billion liters of milk by 2022.

The country plans to produce 1.7 million kilograms of meat this year and plans to produce 5.5 billion eggs.

According to the country’s 10-year development plan, it plans to produce 247,000 tons of fish and 106,000 tons of poultry.

Evidence suggests that 2.6 million tons of fish could be consumed in Africa by 2030.

At the official opening of the Poultry and Livestock Exhibition in Ethiopia today, local and foreign poultry and livestock stakeholders presented their products to the visitors.

The three-day exhibition is attended by more than 50 international leaders from Germany, Hungary, Jordan, the Netherlands and Scotland.

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