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Addis Ababa City Transportation Master Plan is underway.

Addis Ababa City Transport Bureau Public Relations Head, Aregawi Maru, told Ethio FM that the document, prepared with 3.7 million Euros with the support of the World Bank, will be fully implemented in mid-2014.

In the capital It will be implemented by 2030, he said.

He said it will enable the city to have a transport system that is guided by a master plan.

Accordingly, it is said that the light rail, motor and fast city bus will be integrated in the capital to facilitate public transport.

It also works to improve documents and infrastructure in the transport sector, and to integrate fragmented strategies into a single document.

According to the bureau, the document is designed to improve the quality of roads in the city for pedestrian, mass and motor vehicles.

The document also states that work will be done to improve traffic flow and road safety.

It is said that trucks will be built at the five entrances and exits of the city at Wolete Shoe, Goro, Akaki Seka, Tulu Dimtu and Anfo Meda.

According to Aregawi, a Danish company called Rombol is consulting on the document.

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Accidents at construction sites in Addis Ababa have claimed the lives of 23 people.

The Addis Ababa Bureau of Labor and Social Affairs said 23 out of 400 complaints collected during the just ended budget year.

Deputy Head of the Bureau, W / ro Ababa Eshete, said the contractors and owners involved in the construction of the city are not taking proper care of their employees.

As a result, construction workers in different parts of the city are losing their lives and being injured.

She added that the construction sites in the city are being monitored with caution.

According to the bureau, the main reason for the loss of lives was the lack of precautionary measures.

The city’s Bureau of Labor and Social Affairs is working to ensure that workers’ rights are respected and that contractors and owners must provide the necessary inputs to their workers before construction begins.

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