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Addis Ababa Trade Bureau urges citizens to protect themselves from undue costs

Ethio FM has also heard from residents that there is a shortage of salt in the Afar region, which is controlled by the TPLF terrorist group.

Misinformation in various parts of the country, including Addis Ababa, has confirmed that residents are buying bulk at high prices.

According to Mesfin Assefa, Deputy Head of the Addis Ababa City Administration Trade Bureau, there is no shortage of food salt in the city.

He said food supply is currently being provided in sufficient quantities. He also warned traders who take advantage of this opportunity to avoid making a profit.

Noting that Ethiopia has a surplus of salt, let alone others, Mesfin said the society should protect itself from misinformation on social media.

Instead, he urged the public to use the information provided only by government institutions.

We have also heard from residents that the TPLF is in control of the Afar region and that there is a shortage of salt in the Afar region.

Dessie city administration says it is working to control illegal inflation

Displaced people from Raya Alamata, Raya Kobo and Woldiya have recently taken refuge in Dessie.

It has been reported that some traders in Dessie have illegally increased the price of food and other items, including bed rent.

Dessie Mayor Abebe Gebremeskel told Ethio FM that the illegal activity was controlled by a task force.

The mayor added that there are businesses that have been targeted during the crackdown and that bed and food prices have been posted and posted at the entrance as a lasting solution.

“If there is any exorbitant price increase, we have told IDPs and other residents of Dessie to file a complaint,” he said.

We have heard that there are currently 60,000 IDPs in Dessie.

The mayor told us that we are supplying water to the IDPs with a water tank in the shelter so as not to cause problems for the IDPs.

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