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The Dire Dawa administration made several decisions during an emergency cabinet meeting.

Following the reorganization of the Dire Dawa administration cabinet, it planned to implement and implement new procedures and passed various resolutions at its emergency meeting on September 25.

Following the decision, Dire Dawa Administration Government Communication Affairs Bureau Head, Eskias Tafesse, made a statement.

As stated in their press release:

  1. To remove the heavy vehicles that are causing the traffic congestion in Dire Dawa and the various crimes that are causing it. Recognizing the seriousness of the problem, the Cabinet has decided to provide 12 hectares of land for the construction of a heavy-duty parking lot at the entrance of Djibouti to Mudi Ano.
  2. The Cabinet discussed and decided to fix the land development and management bureau, which is widely seen in the administration of service delivery and malpractices, to ensure that the community receives the services it needs from the institution and to protect the precious national resources from wastage.

The decision is to suspend all services provided by the institution for one month from September 27, 2014, and during this one month, the first employees of the institution will be evaluated and identified and the necessary adjustments will be made.
Second land census
It is time for the third land audit work to be done and a decision has been made to rectify the gaps and return it to work with a new perspective and change mindset.

  1. It has been decided that the projects that have not been completed for many years will be completed within a short period of time and will provide the required services to the community. Accordingly

The Civic Center, the renovation of the existing stadium, and the construction of additional colleges for technical and vocational sports academies are the Kaizen Institute.

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