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North Mountains National Park has lost more than 60 million birr in revenue in the past year

The North Mountains National Park is said to have lost more than 60 million birr due to the Covenant 19 and security problems.

The head of the park, Abebawu Azanaw, said during his stay with the station that the cholera epidemic has affected more than 9,000 locals.

Prior to Kovid, the park’s residents earned between 50 and 60 million birr annually through various services, he said, adding that the park has been generating more than 7 million birr to the government.

However, the influx of visitors has reportedly come to a complete halt following last year’s Covide 19 incident.

In addition, political unrest in the northern part of the country has prevented visitors from entering the park.

He added that more than 9,000 locals who have been using the park since the outbreak have been affected.

He said the park was slightly damaged in the 2011 fire, but has now fully recovered.

We also heard that the park was able to recover from the fire by planting various seedlings and strengthening its protection.

More than 25,000 seedlings will be planted in the North Mountains National Park next week.

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Union Bank announces winner of ISO / IEC 27001 ፡ 2013 certification

According to Osman Seid, Director of ICT Infrastructure, the award was given to the Bank for Online Banking, Data Center and Disaster Recovery Facility Information Security Management ISO / IEC 270001: 2013.

He said the bank will be the first to receive this recognition from banks in Ethiopia.

According to Osman, the bank’s certification is a testament to the reliability of its online banking services and shows that customers are receiving reliable online banking services.

He also said that the financial and other bank information is safe.

The Professional Evaluation and Certification Board (PECB MS), which is known for issuing certification certificates to international standards, inspects the bank’s information security system in accordance with the ISO / IEC 27001 2013 2013 standards.

We also heard that the certificate obtained by the bank will be valid for the next three years.

This will enable the bank to provide efficient and reliable services to its customers in the face of the growing cyber attack.

Evidence shows that ISO / IEC 27001 is a security certification certificate that examines legal, physical, administrative and technical issues as well as human and financial management systems in an enterprise information security management system.

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