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Mayor, Adanech Abebe, shared a meal with Amudin Tesfa Berhan Food Center in Addis Ketema Sub-City.

Deputy Mayor Adanech Abebe, together with MIDROC Investment Group CEO Jamal Ahmed, celebrated the occasion with a meal at the Amudin Tesfaberhan Center in Addis Ketema Somali Region.

On behalf of the city administration, Deputy Mayor, Adanech Abebe, thanked MIDROC Investment Group for its support during the New Year.

MIDROC Investment Group Chief Executive Officer, Jamal Ahmed, on his part said MIDROC has donated 6 anthrax oxen to Hope Light Feeding Centers in the six sub-cities.

The Amudi Hope Light Food Center has been serving food for 2,000 people who could not eat once a day since May.

1,70 private schools in Addis Ababa submit “proposal” to increase tuition fees

Addis Ababa City Administration Education and Vocational Qualification Authority announced that 1,70 private schools in Addis Ababa City have submitted a proposal to increase tuition fees in the 2014 academic year.

The Authority’s Deputy General Manager, Fikret Abera, told ETV that the private schools have not increased their tuition fees during the current academic year and that there are compelling reasons to increase this year.

According to the Deputy General Manager, the increase of the schools is 5 to 100 percent.

According to Fikret, it is the authority’s responsibility to ensure that educational institutions work in accordance with the country’s market system and to ensure that schools and parents agree.

They also point out that if schools and parents do not reach an agreement on a fee increase, complaints at institutions at all levels can be resolved.

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So far, 547 schools have agreed to increase their fees, 62 institutions have not reached an agreement and 462 institutions are still in talks, according to the Addis Ababa City Administration Education and Training Professional Certification Authority.

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Now is the time for Ethiopia to take a step forward – PM Abiy Ahmed.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has said that Ethiopia is on the right track.

“We are happy to have a transparent and credible election during Ethiopia’s long administration,” he said.

He said the victory was a victory for Ethiopians.

He said the Ethiopian people have overcome obstacles in the process.

Our dear African sisters and brothers have more in common than we do; He said that our enemies are like a sparrow standing in front of an eagle.

He also said that we will strive to have a continent that protects its interests.

“Ethiopia will be as high as it was yesterday,” he said.

“We will work together to solve the problems we are facing now,” he said.

Ethiopia seeks partnership with friends for prosperity But she said she would not negotiate on anything that would affect her sovereignty and independence.

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