Veronica Adane said she has reversed her decision

The Hora Arsede Erecha festival is being celebrated in Bishoftu wereda in a traditional way.

The annual Hora Arsede Erecha Festival is being celebrated in Bischofswerda with the participation of various spectators from all parts of Oromia and other parts of the country.

According to local sources, the Hora Arsade Erecha Festival, a symbol of peace, gratitude, love and brotherhood, was attended by people from all parts of Oromia and other parts of the country.

The audience marched to Hora Arsade, adorned with beautiful traditional costumes and ornaments, holding green grass in their hands, singing various songs and performing various traditional dances.

Chief Executive of the Oromia Regional State, Shimeles Abdissa, thanked the Oromo youth for hosting the festival in a spirit of brotherhood and for showing respect to the Oromo people.
He also called on Erecha Hora Arsede to respect its values.

In a similar message, the Amhara National Regional State said that the Erecha festival is a wonderful cultural values of peace, love and brotherhood of the Oromo people.

He expressed the hope that the cloud of evil that has befallen our country, Ethiopia, will be removed and that a bright and prosperous time will come in our country.

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