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Cement was decided to be traded in a free market system from today

The Ministry of Trade and Industry announced that the old directive, which regulates cement trade and is implemented by trade and industry, has been revoked.

According to Kassahun Msoat, Director of Trade and Materials Research and Control at the Ministry, it has been decided to trade cement in the free market for an indefinite period of time.

He said the main reason for this is the winter, which will reduce construction work and reduce the demand for cement.

He also said that the government has completed preparations to import cement to reduce the shortage of cement production and to increase the production of factories.

“I have a problem with taxpayers not registering a real phone number” – Addis Ababa Revenue Office

The Addis Ababa Revenue Bureau said that I started sending a text message to the 2013 “Category C” income taxpayers and that they started paying their taxes through the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.

Tesfaye Reta, deputy head of the tax affairs department of the Addis Ababa Revenue Bureau, told Ethio FM that network interruptions are another obstacle besides text messaging.

Tesfaye said taxpayers have started paying clearance by paying the amount of tax sent to them by 7075 in a text message.

“We are working with Ethio Telecom, Electricity and the Addis Ababa Trade Bureau to solve this problem,” he said.

There are about 300,000 level C taxpayers in Addis Ababa and 164,000 taxpayers have been decided.

Of these, 106,695 taxpayers have received text messages, according to the bureau.

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