Veronica shown respect to her fans with her latest decision

According to the FDRE Constitution, a new government will be formed tomorrow, September 24, 2014 at the federal level.

According to Article 58, Sub-Article 2 of the Constitution, a newly elected House of Peoples’ Representatives must begin its term on the last Monday of September.

The Speaker of the House of Peoples’ Representatives, Tagesse Chafo, told reporters in a recent statement that the results of the June 14 by-elections were released by the National Electoral Board. He announced on September 24, 2014 that a new government would be formed and that legal conditions had been met.

Article 56 of the FDRE Constitution states: “A political party that has a majority in the House shall organize the executive branch of the Federal Government; The party that won the 6th general election on June 14, 2013 has the political power to form a new government.

As a result, according to the election results announced by the National Electoral Board, the party with the political power to form a government is known to be a prosperous party.

The new House of Peoples’ Representatives will nominate the country’s prime minister at this historic session, and the next prime minister is expected to present his cabinet to the new cabinet for approval.

According to Speaker Tagesse Tchafo, a system will be set up in which the people who have actively participated in the 6th national election and who they believe should lead me will have a clear opinion on the performance of the new government.
He said the new House of Peoples’ Representatives will be a body of public representation.

He said the organization will be set up to speed up the process of change and answer public questions.

According to political party leaders, scholars and members of the public who spoke to Fana Broadcasting Corporation, it is time for foreign powers and internal enemies who do not want to see the good and prosperity of Ethiopia to pose a threat to our country.

Source: Fana

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