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Ethiopian Toll Roads Enterprise says it has collected over 401 million birr revenue in the 2013 Ethiopian budget year.

The Ethiopian Toll Roads Enterprise said it has collected a total of 401 million 4,247.65 birr in the 2013 Ethiopian budget year.

The revenue is said to have come from toll road services as well as various incomes (rental of advertising sites, compensation for damaged road resources, vehicle and trailer-like payments).

By developing a wide range of awareness-raising programs in various areas on road safety; Based on education and disaster mitigation measures in the event of a disaster; He said the roads that were closed due to the accident were quickly reopened to allow traffic to continue.

Frequent traffic accidents, lack of spare parts for the road maintenance, and overloading of port equipment on the Deredawa bell road are the main problems, the enterprise said.

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Addis Ababa Police Commission announced that it has arrested individuals suspected of car theft.

Addis Ababa Police Commission Public Relations Head, Fasika Fanta, told Ethio FM that 13 vehicles that were stolen at different times were seized from the perpetrators.

The perpetrators and the stolen vehicles have been seized over the past three months, and two of the vehicles seized by the police have been seized without changing their engine number or chassis.

According to Commander Fasika, most of the seized vehicles have their license plates changed.

The rest, however, were disfigured, and Commander Fasika told us that 11 vehicles had their engines changed.

He said the commission was following up on the perpetrators and prosecuting them.

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