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A conference of national scholars focusing on the Renaissance Dam will be held at the University of Gondar.

The University of Gondar told Ethio FM that a conference focusing on the construction of the Renaissance Dam and international water policy will be held from June 3 to 4, 2013.

The President of the University, Dr. Asrat Atsedewein, told us during his stay with the station that the conference is a reality. He said it focused on international water policy and law as well as conflict resolution.

He said research papers on the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will be presented at the forum.

Although Ethiopia is the source of the Nile, there is still a long way to go in terms of informing the international community, Dr. Asrat said. He said higher education institutions should pay attention to this.

At the national level, he said education should be provided from the very beginning to enable the younger generation to understand the reality of the Nile River and the Renaissance Dam.

He said many forces are working to prevent Ethiopia from benefiting from the Renaissance Dam. He said the dam is a manifestation of our existence and sovereignty and all Ethiopians must stand together.

From the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy; From the Ministry of Science and Higher Education; From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; It is also known that invited scholars and stakeholders will participate.

Currently, the construction of the dam has reached more than 80 percent, and the second phase is expected to take place next winter.

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