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The Ethiopian Media Authority (EMA) announced that 30 internet media outlets have been registered so far

We have heard from the Authority that 30 individual and institutional media outlets have been registered in accordance with the Ethiopian Media Authority’s online media report.

The Authority’s Communication Director, Abera Wendesen, told Ethio FM that the number of registered online media outlets is over 30 but they have been given time to complete the required documents.

He said the importance of internet media registration is not only to control chaos but also to support the capacity building of the media.

“If the online media is registered and legally recognized, it will receive various incentives under the new Media Proclamation,” he said.

Online media outlets that were not registered during the registration process were reportedly unaware of the authority and would not be given any support when it came to accountability.

“As the authority increases its control over the Internet, we will create a system to control the foreign media, but we cannot control it at the moment,” he said.

Voting ballot papers not to be printed for 60 constituencies due to ICT problem – Election Board

The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) announced that ballot papers that were supposed to be printed for 60 constituencies were not printed due to ICT technology problem.

In a press statement issued to the competing parties, the chairperson of the board, Birtukan Mideksa, said that the election will be held on June 14.

She said the problem stems from the hard work of modernizing the 6th national election by the ICT and the cause will be investigated and revealed.

Competing parties who attended the statement also expressed their gratitude to the Electoral Board for its transparency and responsibility in resolving the issue.

The Board also responded to other questions raised by rival parties during the statement.

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