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“We should at least apologize to the residents of Bench Sheko Zone who said that no development has been started so far, even though we are talking about the construction of an airport,” he said.
It is to be recalled that the Airports Enterprise conducted a study on the construction of Mizan Aman Airport four years ago and the design of the airport, which was completed by design, was approved by the House of Peoples’ Representatives.

The Bench Sheko administration also paid more than 21.9 million birr in compensation to the community and relocated the land.

More than 100 families have been relocated across the zone to make way for an airport.

Meanwhile, the zonal government said it was inappropriate to ask the airport authorities to change the construction site.

Bench Sheko Zone Administration, Fikre Aman, told Ethio FM that the Airports Enterprise is working beyond the capacity of the zone.

The Bench Sheko Zone Administration said the Airports Enterprise should apologize to the residents of the zone.

It is said that despite the fact that we have set up a cemetery, leaving behind our beliefs and culture to build an airport, it has caused a great deal of public outrage.

He said it was inappropriate and detrimental to our society and our potential to ask for alternative accommodation.

“We urge the perpetrator to apologize and the construction work to begin as soon as possible,” he said.

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