Selamawit Yohannes and Hahu Bitz wedding

Famous singer Hahu bitz and Selamawit Yohannes have been dating for a while according to our sources before making it official.

Addis Ababa: September 20, 2014 The Harari Regional State Council has completed the renovation of a home for the disabled in Hakim Woreda Kebele 18 during the summer volunteer program.

The house was handed over by Addis Alem Bezabh, Speaker of the Harari Regional State Council, Hamza Hassan, Head of the Regional Prosperity Party, and Towfik Mohammed, Woreda Administrator.

Addis Alem Bezabeh, Speaker of the Harari Regional State Council, said helping the weak is a matter of being human and part of the community.

He said helping the weak is not only the responsibility of the government but also the responsibility of all.

He said other community-based volunteers should be strengthened.

Hakim Woreda Chief Administrator, Towfik Mohammed, thanked the House of Peoples’ Representatives for its volunteer service.

According to information received from the Regional Government Communication Affairs Bureau, Hamza Hassan has received a certificate of recognition from those who have made significant contributions to the success of the summer volunteer program in the woreda.

The First Lady’s Office and federal institutions pledged to care for 320 children.

Addis Ababa: September 20, 2014 The First Lady’s Office, in collaboration with 21 federal institutions, has pledged to raise 320 children from the new year.

He said the institutions will provide the necessary support to the children until they reach the level of higher education.

First Lady Zinash Tayachew said sharing the mines was a great blessing, and that this good deed should be passed on from ministers to every family.
He said that living together is a joyful experience in the eyes of both the Creator and man.

The First Lady’s Office and various Ministries have pledged to provide the necessary support to the children to the highest levels of education.

According to the iPad, a luncheon was held for the children and their parents at the National Palace.

The forum was co-organized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and Mary Joy Ethiopia as well as the Office of the First Lady.

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