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My taxi stay “I will punish you for not liking me.”, she said.

I am a health professional by profession. I graduated from the College of Medical Sciences with a degree in medicine. I was driving a family taxi until I was hired by a government health facility. Driving is a profession for me. Like the treatment, I consider it one more profession.

But when I was driving a taxi for months ago, many passengers saw this profession as a waste of time, not a profession. Of course, just like any other profession, some annoying drivers will not go away (just as there are service providers who have good and bad behavior when we go for service).

In my observations that I have been driving for months, taxi drivers are not working properly; There are many reasons to cross the road and charge more than the tariff.

(Only fact, not fiction)
1. The first road transport inspectors
Saturday was a day of bribery for taxi drivers while I was driving. Whether you pay for it or not, you pay for it. Whether you load your line or not, you have to pay 30 Birr per Saturday.

If you go offline on Saturday, you will be arrested and you will be told where you went on Saturday and Tuesday. Now, I heard the assistant take the attendee to sign himself and tell the driver to come and tell him.
(Unbelievers can ask without a driver next to them)
Even when you are arrested, they will not spare you or punish you. They will negotiate with you.

When you are a driver, it is not only the accusation that you are disgusted with; Driving for a driver’s license: All the time is wasted. So you have to go through a non-optional election.

He will release you without hesitation. When you understand them well, they will tell you that I am here today
But not all of them. After I stopped driving and started medical treatment, I went to Kara and thanked the loyal supervisor who was serving the people.

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