The famous artist new interview with Seifu show

The controversial Ethiopian artist speaks about her family, life, work and expectations. She has also discussed how she started driving. She was penalized a lot of time for breaking traffic laws. We have put below what are the 21 offenses on the road that can get you penalized.

There are 21 types of offenses under Article Two (2) of the Road Traffic Control Regulation No. 395/2009 and there is a fine of 150 Birr for each offense.
The types of damage are listed below:

1 No priority for pedestrian or transit vehicle,
2 Vehicle within 12 meters on a narrow road or on a bend
        Who stopped,
3 Driver’s license in the category above the authorized level
        Someone who drove a car,
4 Driving on a traffic island or a distributor island (line)
       Driving intermittently,
5 Stopped or stopped a damaged vehicle on the road for more than the allotted time
6 without turning in the opposite direction,
7 On the right-hand side of a two-lane road,
8 Stopped or moved a vehicle without a sign,
9 No priority for emergency service vehicle,
10 Signs in a direction not to go,
11 Without the permission of the observer
        A driver who is unloaded on a vehicle or on a sidewalk,
12 Excessive smoke or oil spills
        Driving a vehicle,
13 Accidental service vehicle is not in operation but in an emergency
        Drives using authorized sound and emergency signal lights;
14 without placing a child under 7 years of age with an adult or for safety reasons
        Rotate without placing in the built-in enclosure,
15 A man loaded on the outside of a vehicle,
16 Carrying a hazardous load with the people,
17 Shameless self-indulgence in a truck
18 Vehicles with a capacity of up to 25 people with a maximum capacity of 3 people.
19 Over 5 people with a load capacity of more than 25 people
20 Non-compliant or misleading information by a traffic controller or
       Who, when he was commanded to stop, did not stop,
21 without making the appropriate mark on the spare load or on the vehicle
       Rotate the load without tying or covering the load properly.

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