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Athlete of the Year.

Ethiopia | We gathered at the Adama Haile Resort for dinner. Commander Athlete Derartu Tulu, the silent hero you bought me Abera, my son Tesfaye Tsega

Commander Athlete Derartu Tulu

A recognition and appreciation ceremony is underway at the Skylight Hotel for the heroic athlete Derartu Tulu, who won the first gold medal in the 10,000 meters at the Olympic Games for Africa and Ethiopia.

Elena Meyer, a South African athlete in the 10,000 meters at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics in Ethiopia, was the first runner-up to win over the United States and Ireland.

She never expected the new Ethiopian hero to win.

A white wide T-shirt (to cover her breasts) under a red running jersey representing Ethiopia; Her face was marked with 472, a sign that she was still a teenager; The 27-year-old was named in the 10,000m at the Barcelona Olympics in Catalonia. Athlete Derartu Tulu.

Dere, who doesn’t like to run like a kid in trousers, ran in her pantyhose at this Olympics in Spain today; She raised my country’s flag; She has doubled her victory for Africa; Following in her footsteps was Elan Mer, a South African. I will never forget the joy they showed in the stadium. It was also the first medal for South Africa since her return to the Olympics.

The new Olympic hero excelled all Africans by winning the most prestigious Olympic gold medal for the country and Africa. She also became the first black African woman to win gold in the 10,000 meters.

In addition to changing her life, the Barcelona Olympics also set a precedent for other women. She also rose from the rank of ten to the rank of major; Her salary increased from 200 birr to 600 birr.

After that, he won more than 13 months in the Olympics, World Athletics Championships, Cross Country Championships, Continental Cup, Under-20 World Championships, African Athletics Championships, World Athletics Final, Golden League, International Marathon and Ethiopian Athletics Championships, 2 more months. She presented diplomas to her country

In terms of investment:
Actress Derartu Tulu has been involved in the hotel and tourism sector, building hotels and entertainment venues in various areas and creating jobs for many Ethiopians.

She has served in various institutions and in leadership and responsibility positions.

In addition to leading a family life and engaging in social issues, Col. Athlete Derartu Tulu is a member of the Council of the African Athletics Confederation, Vice President of the East African Athletics Zone, Member of the Executive Committee of the Ethiopian Olympic Committee, Vice President and President of the Ethiopian Athletics Federation. She is serving.

In Addis Ababa – Derartu Tulu Square – in Unity Park, images of Derartu and Abebe Bikila are pictured above.

In the history of the Olympic Games, our country won 4 gold in the men’s marathon and topped the list. The three are Abebe Bikila and Mamo Wolde’s successive victories.

🥇 1960 Abebe Bikila
🥇 1964 Abebe Bikila
🥇 1968 Mamo Wolde
🥇 Gezahegn 2000

My game with the heroes is not over.

to be continued …

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