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Insurance companies have increased premiums for vehicle insurance.

According to The Reporter, insurance companies are increasing their premium premiums for their insurance coverage.

The companies have reportedly increased their premiums for motor insurance, especially in the motor insurance sector, the newspaper said.

The companies are also claiming to have doubled the cost of insurance coverage.

As customers renew vehicle insurance, they are being required to pay an annual premium based on current vehicle prices.

According to the company’s customers, they are being asked to pay more than they used to pay when they offered to renew their vehicle insurance coverage. The information from the companies is not an increase, but a timely adjustment.

This is a common practice, which differs from the current one in that it is more expensive than ever before.

Some customers are also claiming that they are required to insure their insurance coverage in the event of an accident.

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Meskel Square began to provide parking services

The parking lot, which is part of the Meskel Square project, has started providing 24-hour service, according to the Exhibition Center and Market Development Enterprise.

The construction of the Meskel Square project, which cost more than 2.5 billion birr, was completed last June.

The project did not change the original content of the project, and two constructions were completed: a parking lot and a courtyard and streets.

According to Tilahun Tadesse, CEO of the company, the parking lot, which can accommodate 1,400 vehicles, has started operating 24 hours a day.

He also said that the parking lot can be used by all sections of the community.

He also said that the business community can use digital advertising in addition to parking.

Tilahun said efforts to facilitate trade and investment will be strengthened by organizing religious and public festivals, music concerts, other social events and performances.

He said a study is being carried out at the government level to modernize, develop and provide world-class services to the exhibition center.

According to ENA, the service is expected to earn up to 170 million birr in the 2014 Ethiopian budget year.

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