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✅✴Even our age limit is not enough to fight and love!

Even earthly treasures and knowledge, even heavenly gifts, are empty without love. When you have love, you have all the grace. The foundation of religion is love. You may have lost a place of service in the church, but love is a desirable service that does not need to be assigned. If you have love, God is in your heart, and you are in God’s heart.

Love triumphs. There is much debate about the gifts of grace, but even the preaching of the greater grace is lost. Many ask for healing, but the love that heals the soul
They do not pray. It does not matter if we do not have the grace of healing, it is a sin if nothing spiritual is done with knowledge, faith and love.

Paul heals the sick with the shadow of his garment, but he suffers from severe headaches. His eyes were tired, and his body was paralyzed. The grace of healing
Those who have it can get sick. But the one who has love will be healed.

When your breath suddenly stops, when your heartbeat seems slow, when your hope is deep, you can only be saved by love. He eats wood by moth, grain by wormwood, and clothing by worms; He hates hatred.

It is love that drives other graces to work.

Without love there can be no martyrdom. There may not be daily martyrdom, there is daily sacrifice. It means to reject hatred. It is the only love that is needed everywhere, in all levels, in all grace, in all ages and forever.

Hearts that do not burn with love are eager to crucify their brother. The pillar on which the church stands is love, it will fall without love. Love is the mirror through which we see ourselves in people. Lovers have the ability to follow others.

Love is a symbol of poverty and fear. Building love comes before building roads. Roads will be closed with hatred. The greatest ideology, the only irresistible weapon, is love. Love is the greatest gift, the greatest path, the greatest leader.

On the last day, it is not a religious statement, but a declaration of love, the son of a religion.

If he hears without love, he will judge.

When the tongue without love is broken,

When love is outstretched, it will fall.

If he goes without love, he will break the bridge.

A prophet without love will not see beyond the surface of his eyes. An unloving apostle cannot speak, for his tongue is caught. A martyr without love does not know Christ and will die in vain.

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