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The administration’s health bureau announced that it is working to make quality health services accessible to the public through equitable service delivery.

The announcement was made during a two-day welcome evaluation forum held at Haremaya University. He said that infant mortality, communicable disease prevention and nutrition have improved performance.

The head of the bureau added that all the sectors need to work hard to achieve better performance in the 2014 Ethiopian budget year.

Alemayehu Girma, Director of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation at the Health Bureau, on his part said the lack of budget is one of the main challenges due to the lack of budget.

  Alemayehu also said that the long-term beneficiaries of family planning are the rural community and we need to work for the benefit of urban dwellers.

Research papers by Dire Dawa University scholars on the epidemic and children’s health were presented and discussed at the planning review forum.
It was suggested that the participation of the community and stakeholders should be strengthened to enhance the achievements being made in the health sector.

During a visit to the Office of the President and the Executive Director of the College, the College of Health Sciences learned that the rumors circulating on social media that the operation of the College of Health Sciences has stopped are false and untrue.
Although they realized that there were some problems, they were able to solve the problem, such as water supply and drying machines. They then set out a solution to prevent this problem from happening again.
On the other hand, during their field visit, they noticed that the washing machines were working well.
Therefore, the office of the President stated that it is not possible to say that surgery on the institution has stopped completely and that it is not enough news for the media.

Addis Ababa sponsored by the Ministry of Education
All summer school trainees;

Addis Ababa University We would like to inform you that we are in consultation with the Ministry of Education regarding the summer school program, noting that the summer school program is being taught to students. Therefore, the summer education program will run from September 18 to September 30, 2014. Explaining that it will take place in the future,
September 18, 2014 We would like to inform you that the university will not accept any student who arrives before or after.
Articles and assignments that will be read before you arrive at the university will be delivered to your classroom soon. Registration will also be done online, details of which may be posted on the University website in the future.

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