Henok Dinku dancing with his new girlfriend

Henok Dinku is a famous Zemen drama actor. Since he has also performed on other movies. He is one of the controversial artists in the city. But yet he is a humble person for those who are close to him.

13th. For stomach and acid

Take one cup of milk, one tablespoon of black cumin oil three times a day. After three days, the disease is completely gone.

14th. For dizziness and earache

Add a drop of black cumin oil to the ear and prepare it in the form of tea.

15th. Skin rejuvenation

Apply black cumin oil to the affected area and continue until the pain subsides.

16th. For Bugger

Grind black cumin, mix it with sesame oil and a tablespoon of wheat flour, apply overnight and wash with lukewarm water and soap in the morning.

17th. Immediate repair for fracture

Mix lentils and onion soup, boiled egg, a large spoonful of crushed black cumin together, take at least one day and rest the next day and take it again on the second day; After the fracture is treated with plaster, massage the affected area with black cumin oil; After his release, he was massaged daily with warm black cumin oil.

18th. For scars and the like

Boil a handful of black cinnamon thoroughly, wash the affected area and soak in the hot black cinnamon for a quarter of an hour. Moving the body. Keep up the good work. Repeat this every day before bed.

19th. For high blood pressure

Drink as much as you can, including a few drops of black cumin oil. Also, it would be good to apply sunscreen at least once a week to your body.

20th. For kidney infection

Sprinkle black cumin powder with olive oil and apply to sore spots; In addition, one tablespoon of black cumin is taken daily on an empty stomach for a week, after which the infection is eliminated.

21st. For a gallbladder

Mix one tablespoon of black cumin, a quarter teaspoon of ground rye, one cup of honey and eat it morning and night. Do this until your face turns red and the problem is gone. Don’t forget to drink one cup of olive oil every day on an empty stomach.

22nd. Problems with the heart and circulatory system

A person with a heart condition should take it at any time, both as food and drink as needed.

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