Getachew Reda interview on BBC hardtalk

Getachew Reda interview on BBC hardtalk. Drainage and maintenance work is underway to prevent flooding on roads following the winter months.

  The Addis Ababa City Roads Authority is conducting drainage, drainage and maintenance works in various areas by conducting road survey, drainage and drainage system.

Rainwater drainage pipes in various parts of the city have long been used and are covered with debris and plastic products. During the winter, floods flood the asphalt roads for long hours, damaging roads and disrupting the movement of vehicles and pedestrians.

To address these issues, the Authority is identifying 125 flood-prone areas in the city and is carrying out reconstruction and maintenance work.

Currently, repairs have been completed in 36 areas and maintenance and construction works are underway in 35 areas. Reconstruction and maintenance of rainwater lines will be carried out in the remaining 34 areas.
Areas completed include Kirkos Sub-City, Woreda 10 – Oromia Bank, Yirga Haile Building – Tibebe General Hospital – Yohannes Church, China Camne Bridge area, Armed Forces area, Addis Ketema Football Field area, Yesus Church, Woreda 1 Health Station area, French embassy area, Haile Garment area, Lebu, Vatican-Abo Square, and Jemo 1 sheep queue.

Areas currently undergoing renovations include Lafto Island Condominium, Saris Dama Hotel – Red Cross, Haile Garment Renaissance School, Bole Sub-City – God Ab Church, Macedonia Area, Gulele Woreda 1 Ward 5, Gulele Woreda 5 Ethio Clinic , World Bank Square area, Asco city bus stop area, Asco-Sansusi area, Bancodiroma area, Nasfin Ber Hospital.

Finally, the Authority calls on the public to clean the closed drainage lines and provide the necessary care and protection so that the Drainage Drainage Drainage Line can be used only for its intended purpose.

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