Five important health tips that can improve your life style

Five health tips

There are things we usually do traditionally and yet may affect our health. Here we have put five most important tips that we can improve In our daily routines.

The 11th Annual Consultation Forum of the Women, Children and Youth Directorate of the Ministry of Health was held.

The Ministry of Health’s Women, Children and Youth Directorate, in collaboration with the Women, Children and Youth Affairs Structures in the health sector, reviewed the implementation of the 2021 plan.

State Minister of Health, Sahrela Abdullahi, who was present at the forum, said the structure of women, children and youth is making a significant contribution to the success of the plans in the health sector.

According to Fatuma Seid, Director of the Women, Children and Youth Directorate of the Ministry of Health, to ensure the participation and benefit of women, children, youth and people with disabilities as well as to protect the rights and safety of children. , Support and capacity building activities have been carried out to strengthen the structures, he said.

He explained that support has been provided to communities in need of assistance in connection with the the current epidemic, especially to the disabled, the elderly, the homeless, the victims of various things and returnees, and to women, children and displaced communities affected by conflict in various areas.

Representatives of the House of Peoples’ Representatives, officials of the Ministry of Health and leaders of the SNNPR Health Bureau presented their reports at the forum.

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