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Gambella Regional State Council concludes session with 4 billion birr budget

The Gambella Regional State Council has concluded its 12th regular session by approving a budget of 4 billion birr for the 2014 Ethiopian budget year.

Out of the approved budget, 1 billion 167 million birr will be covered by various sources of revenue of the state and the remaining 2 billion 827 million birr will be covered by federal government subsidy and expenditure loans and grants.

The implementation budget approved for the current budget year is over 657 million birr compared to the previous fiscal year.

At the end of the conference, Speaker of the Regional Council, Jul Nangal, said leadership bodies at all levels should work hard to achieve the planned development and good governance plans.

“As a country, all stakeholders must work together to achieve the development plans launched in response to the campaign,” ENA reported.

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