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Press Release on Telebirr Mobile Money Service Graduation

It is with great pleasure that our company, Teleber, has completed the necessary preparations to launch its Mobile Money Service, a convenient and all-encompassing money transfer and marketing method for our community! The fact that our mobile money service is so accessible and easy to use is good news for our community and it is a great achievement for our company in terms of our strong desire to serve our people.
Mobile money services will narrow the financial inclusion gap in our country, provide a quick and easy way for citizens to access better financial services at a lower transaction cost. Financial Inclusion is an economic concept that makes all financial services accessible to all sections of the society, and mobile money services are an important solution to ensure financial inclusion. In addition to creating a healthy cash flow, telecom services will increase the overall growth and benefit of our people by increasing savings, reducing poverty, encouraging entrepreneurship and investment, reducing printing costs and boosting the economy.

The fact that our company has invested heavily in ensuring its access to telecom services and the launch of a service that will have a significant positive impact on our society will contribute significantly to the socio-economic development of our country as well as the improvement of daily life of our society. Since its application for a license to provide financial services to its valued customers and the entire community, it has undergone extensive preparations, particularly to implement industry-selected and best mobile money technology, implement appropriate policies and procedures, operate Agent Nework, and learn from telecom and financial industries. He has made great strides today by making extensive efforts to provide financial services to low-income citizens and rural people who have not been able to access banking services.

Achieving academic excellence is the foundation of success in other endeavors as well.
The city administration has focused on education during the current budget year. We won an incentive award for being the first country.

Contributing to this achievement are student nutrition, supply of learning materials, supply of learning materials, school programs, opening of boarding schools, teacher incentives and renovation of schools, as well as the construction of more than 2,200 additional classrooms.
This shows that it can be effective if we work hard and work hard.
As a result, we have organized a program of recognition and appreciation for a total of 4,487 students, teachers and leaders who have excelled in our city’s formal, technical and vocational education.

We are investing heavily in infrastructure. The foundation of all development is man, but the investment we make in human resource development is the most sustainable and repaying investment.

I would like to thank all of you who have achieved this, as the City Government’s investment in the success of our children is the result of the combined efforts of teachers, parents and students.

In this spirit of solidarity, I would like to understand that our country is going through a difficult and crucial time and stand together for national security and peace.

Hadiya Development Association has held a peace and national development conference for the next 10 years.

He is grateful to the people of Hadiya who, along with the rest of the Ethiopian people, have pushed for change, fought, worked and brought about the peace process.

The fact that development has no boundaries and that all people are involved in and benefit from development is a great sign that the Hadiya people have left their zone and left their mark on the development of the country and Addis Ababa.

When we say that Addis Ababa is the home of all of us, it is appropriate to do more than just talk.

The city administration has also prepared land for the Hadiya Cultural Center to be built in the city. We will join hands and make Addis Ababa its name.

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