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Artist Mesfin Getachew passed away

Mesfin Getachew, the author and actor of the Zumra film, the man-to-man and modern-time TV series, has passed away.

Artist Mesfin Getachew passed away at the age of 50 after being treated at Eka Kotebe Hospital. Mesfin Getachew is a multi-talented artist who has contributed a lot of art to his country through writing, editing and acting. He was able to broadcast a series of radio dramas and other works on various television and radio stations. Artist Mesfin Getachew was married and the father of three children (two daughters and a son).

Looking back, perhaps from the December uprising and the student movement, the political demands of our people were mainly reflected in street violence, both by weapons. We have seen that both roads are very backward and destructive. Our country, Ethiopia, has lost a large number of students and scholars who have been educated by the poor. The infrastructure that has been built over the years has been reduced to dust. Even so, the questions of the ages have not been properly answered.

Why? On the other hand, the guerrillas who started the urban insurgency were fighting People’s Government Today". After the war, when the oppressive yoke of power was removed from power, hundreds of thousands of citizens were forced to return to the jungle, to the end of the “guardianship”, without the traditional answers to questions.

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Artist Mesfin Getachew passed away

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