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Ethiopia reaffirms commitment to use Nile water without harming Egypt and Sudan: PM Abiy Ahimed

Regarding the Renaissance Dam, it is a project that is financially and diplomatically problematic. Ethiopia has no intention of harming Egypt or Sudan, it wants to use Ethiopia. Egypt and Sudan will continue to strengthen their commitment to use the Nile water without harming it.

The Ethiopian government has not restricted the Nile water in the past and is still not restricting it. How can we be told not to use the tank, not to use the rain?

The government will deliver on its promise to the Ethiopian people. If the Renaissance Dam is not completed this summer, Ethiopia will lose $ 1 billion and will not hesitate to hold water this year.

The people of Sudan are a brotherly people

Sudan and Ethiopia are not in a position to go to war as they are now. The border dispute has been a long-standing issue. However, he said Ethiopia would consider resolving the issue through dialogue. Sudan can be friends with any country it wants, but it cannot make Ethiopia an enemy.

The Ethiopian people and the government will always be indebted to the Ethiopian Defense Forces for their betrayal of their own people and for supporting their troops to go wherever they want.

In the day of trouble you will not be able to stand, even in the darkness of your shadow.

This is not a bad thing because no one claims to be an activist. We are very grateful to the people and government of Eritrea for what they have done. But not with our people.

They have been negotiating with the Deputy Prime Minister for the past year, but have stalled due to current circumstances, he said.

But after that, we will not accept in any way the Eritrean armys atrocities against our people while crossing the border into Ethiopia.

We do not accept this because it is Eritrean, but we will not accept it if our military has committed atrocities. The campaign is against clearly identified enemies, not with our people. We have told the Eritrean government that they are suffering from the abuses committed by Eritrean soldiers.

The Eritrean government strongly condemns this. He said he would take action if any of my soldiers were involved. I think this will go away when we finish the campaign and defend our borders.

The Eritrean government will soon be arranging a forum for us to discuss issues related to the disaster. The Eritrean government says my future lies with the people of Ethiopia and Tigray. As for the situation with Sudan, the people still respect and love Ethiopians.

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