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There are many powerful songs that has been used as a tool to motivate, teach and for any other purpose throughout the generation. But this one is different!

Excerpt from Prime Minister Abiy Ahmeds’ Response to Parliamentary Questions on the Eritrean Army:

The Ethiopian Defense Forces (EDF) has always been indebted to Ethiopia for its betrayal of its people and for the way the Eritrean people and government have treated the soldiers who went to it.

This is not a bad thing because no one claims to be an activist.

In the day of trouble you will not be able to stand. The history of Ethiopia will never be forgotten by our soldiers who escaped death and were cared for in Eritrea.

The forces that want us to deny this, to forget it are foolish, we do not do it; We are very grateful to the people and government of Eritrea for what they have done.

But after that, we will not accept in any way the Eritrean army’s atrocities against our people while crossing the border into Ethiopia. We do not accept this because it is Eritrean, but we will not accept it if our military has committed atrocities. The campaign is against clearly identified enemies, not our people.

We have been talking to the Eritrean government four or five times about this. Eritrean soldier’s statement on areas beyond the Ethiopian border You have left the fort where the Ethiopian army has been for the past 20 years In addition to the atrocities committed by the TPLF for the past 20 years, a rocket launcher has even invited us to enter the war. Now that you have left the fort and are looking for the enemy in Central Tigray, when you attack him there, he may come up to us and say, we have a national security issue. To this end, we occupy areas near the border; But if your army leaves work and takes control of the fort, the next day we say we don’t have it.

We have presented to the Eritrean government the allegations that Eritrean soldiers are being abused; The Eritrean government strongly condemns this; He said he would take action if any of my soldiers were involved. I think this will end when we finish the campaign and reach the point where we can defend our borders. The Eritrean government has recently said that its future depends on the people of Ethiopia and the people of Tigray.

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