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Ethiopias use of cloud-to-rain technology is a great invention

Scientists interviewed by ENA say Ethiopia’s implementation of cloud-to-rain technology is a great solution.

In a statement to the House of Peoples’ Representatives, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said Ethiopia has given special attention to science, including information technology and artificial intelligence.

He said Ethiopia has started to turn the huge cloud stockpile in Ethiopia into artificial rainwater.

Natural scientists interviewed by ENA said that science and technology are not impossible.

According to Beyenepetros, a senior biologist and politician, the use of clouds into rain is a common technology in developed countries.

Explain that science is either creating, or using what is created to achieve the desired benefit; He said the use of cloud computing technology is wise for many farmers like Ethiopia.

Explaining that artificial intelligence requires a lot of time and resources; He also said that it is a great idea to use existing technologies.

“Our country has been dragged down without a focus on the sector,” he said. He said it is commendable that the sector is now expanding.

President of the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences, Prof. Tsige G. Mariam on his part said technological change is crucial to improve the living conditions of the community, cope with climate change and alleviate human labor.

He said science, technology and society are intertwined in all economic and social fields. He said Ethiopia is making progress in the sector.

For example, Artificial Intelligence, the fourth revolution, is replacing the work of human beings in all fields.

“Although science and technology cannot completely control nature, we are close to controlling nature,” he said.

He said Ethiopia’s decision to turn the clouds into rain is a great achievement and an important wisdom.

He explained that technology is not impossible and that it is a common practice in many lands.

Addis Ababa University College of Education and Behavior College Professor Tirusew Tefera said it is time for the world research style to be directed towards science and technology.

He said science and technology are the basis of a countrys overall growth and prosperity. Prime Minister Abe praised the start of the technological transformation of cloud storage into rain.

He said the Ministry of Science and Higher Education should work on the way science culture is taught in general education.

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