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According to the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, countries will use various options ranging from groundwater drilling to rainfall to solve their rain and water shortage.

Clouds are a common scientific discovery, the ministry said, adding that clouds are particles of water that evaporate in the atmosphere above the ground.

Millions of unadulterated droplets can be raised and dropped into the ground by means of a spray, which is called cloud seeding.

In cloudy areas, chemical sprays are applied, and when the substance (silver iodide and potassium iodide) falls on the dispersed cloud, it collects the cloud and converts it into a thick layer of water.

This gravel is forced into the ground by gravity.

It is said that there is a possibility of spraying the substance from the ground to the clouds according to the capacity of the countries.

Rockets can be fired in the form of a rocket, and drones can be sprayed, but they are usually sprayed above or below the clouds.

Ethiopia has recently tested a sprayer, which is used under the cloud to spray the substance.

There are different types of clouds, so this cloud has an attractive wind, so when the substance is sprayed from the bottom, it mixes with the cloud.

The second option is to install a ground generator, and Ethiopia is said to be working on the project.

She is installing a ground generator that sprays the substance on Entoto. This is a process of planting on mountainous terrain and spraying a substance close to the ground. The inspection will take place at the Meteorological Agency’s headquarters.

Ethiopia uses low-cost sodium chloride and potassium chloride mixtures to do this.

This technology is also said to require natural clouds, and it has been suggested that it cannot produce rain without clouds in the air and that the technology has not reached the capacity to create clouds.

Israel, China, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are said to be using the cloud-based technology in a variety of ways, including developing deserts.

As Ethiopia uses this technology, the United Arab Emirates has provided various support and Ethiopian experts have been widely involved.

FDRE Air Force maintenance technicians and pilots also participated in the flight.

Launched by Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva and led by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, the Prime Minister’s Office, the National Meteorological Agency, the Basin Authority, the Artificial Intelligence Center, the Institute of Technology and Innovation, the Information Network Security Agency, the Space Science Technology Institute and private sectors participated in the project.

State Minister for Innovation Technology, Dr. Ahmedin Mohamed, said Ethiopia should learn not only to use the current technology but also to create it.

Ethiopia has previously announced that it will soon begin importing new technologies to develop deserts and severe water shortages.

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