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The vehicle inspection instruments, which cost 38 million birr, was reportedly malfunctioned.

The vehicles were inspected at a cost of 38 million 412 thousand birr in 2011.

Director General of the Authority, Adam Nuri, confirmed to Ethio FM that the machines have been out of order for more than two years.

The machines are new to the country and no technician will be able to operate them.

Although the purpose of the machines was to inspect vehicles in various parts of the city, they were kept in one place after the purchase, as there was no vehicle to move the machines.

After a year of storage, it was decided that there would be no need to spend extra money to buy a car and that the machines would be inspected in one place.

After this was decided, however, the director told us that the machines had been damaged during the attempt to put them into operation.

Did Ethio FM say that the machines were damaged when they were purchased? When we asked Adam, “I can’t say that; It is a failure because the people who handed over the test at the time were tested and found to be accurate. ”

What will happen to the machines? To our question, the failure of one machine is complex and may take us up to the next fiscal year; He said one of them will be put into operation soon.

We also heard that the machines are still idle in the driver’s training camp in Kality.

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