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Artist Rutha Mengsteab got surprised

The day before yesterday, I had parked in front of a popular hotel about four miles [4 km] away. Shortly after I left, the right Spokio was removed. When I asked the parking attendant how he could be stolen while you were there, he told me not to wait. I was very upset and said that we would not marry without talking to the hotel guards. The hotel management called me and told me that you were not here and that we were not interested. They sneered at me, saying that they had not seen the reception of her hotel. At least I called the police and they told me to go to Arada and apply. When I spoke to the federal police who were passing by, they told me that this did not apply to us. After all this abuse, I despaired and returned in the bright sun !! Isn’t the system encouraging a thief? So how do you think a problem can be solved in a country where there is no immediate response?

Ethiopia is expected to spend up to $ 3 billion a year on oil, he said, adding that the cost of the project is crippling the countrys economy. The 5th House of Peoples Representatives is holding its 11th regular session today. The Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, addressed the House on 10 years of development plan and current national issues. Among the issues raised by the Prime Minister, Dr. Abebe, is the current situation in the country where oil prices are rising and inadequate sales infrastructure. He said the problem of access to oil prices in the country as well as the high pressure on the fuel supply can be addressed if these problems are addressed.

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