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Mohammed Miftah and Saher Abdulkerim Wedding Video

8th National Cooperative Exhibition and Bazaar opens.

The 8th National Cooperative Exhibition and Bazaar opened at the Oromo Cultural Center in Addis Ababa today.

The exhibition and bazaar will last until March 14, with 66 cooperatives and 15 non-governmental organizations from across the country presenting their products and services.

It is said that more than 500 agricultural products are on display at the bazaar.

It is also stated that 4 to 5,000 quintals of agricultural products will be sold directly and more than 20,000 quintals are expected to be traded.

It is also stated that this exhibition will play a significant role in stabilizing inflation by directly connecting the manufacturer and the consumer.

The exhibition and bazaar is expected to be attended by about 50,000 people.

In our country, it is common to demean the pope until something personal. This practice is evident in pre-marital life and post-marital life.

The day before their wedding, a man who had been married before saying, “My love, my honey, my beauty, my floor …” began to call out her full name.

Women still want to be told by their husbands about their “beauty”. This is the pillar of marriage.

And men say, “Should I just go through the motions and show my love?” Yes you have a brother!

Of course, love is the essence of action, but words of love are the embodiment of love. When you stop using these words of love, there are various sounds that can come to your mind.

For example, “Is it because I am his wife that he says she is not going anywhere?”

“Did I hate it because I was fat after giving birth?”

Of course, these are not your reasons (if you are not really a good person).

But if you don’t use words of love for whatever reason, call your wife “my beautiful” instead of ruining your marriage. In simple words, you can make your marriage happy.

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