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Ethiopia to learn from Argentina’s renewable energy experience to sustain its growth: Dr. Negeri

Dr. Negeri Lencho, Chairperson of the Foreign Affairs and Peace Affairs Standing Committee of the House of Peoples Representatives, held talks with a delegation led by Argentine Ambassador to Ethiopia Gustavo Tewodro.

“Ethiopia will strengthen cooperation with Argentina in trade, investment, science and technology, sports, tourism and the arts,” Negeri told the ambassador.

He said Ethiopia is registering rapid economic growth in the face of various internal and external challenges.

He said the two countries will focus on the agricultural and cultural sectors of the two countries through the use of media and communication tools, not limited to investment and trade.

Explaining the law enforcement action in Tigray State, the speaker told the ambassador that the federal government has opened the door to reconciliation and amnesty for the TPLF, but the government has been forced to take legal action against the federal government for rejecting the government’s proposal.

However, he said that the internal forces are spreading false information that the federal government has committed human rights violations in the Tigray region in order to gain unhealthy political gains by collaborating with foreign forces.

Ambassador Gustavo Tewodro, for his part, said Argentina is interested in working with Ethiopia on investment, trade, education, agriculture and renewable energy.

According to information obtained from the council, the ambassador said he had consulted with the Ethiopian government to increase the number of Ethiopian flights to Argentina to make the business more efficient and promised to fly three days a week.

He said his country supports the federal government’s crackdown in the Tigray region and that Argentina has sided with Ethiopia during the UN Security Council’s deliberations on Tigray.

He said his country will provide humanitarian assistance to those affected by the law enforcement campaign. Ambassador Gustavo said Ethiopia’s internal affairs are Ethiopian.

The Archbishop of Rome, Pope Francis, expressed his special appreciation to Ethiopia and Ethiopians and said that he would soon be visiting Ethiopia.

Dr. Negeri thanked the UN Security Council for its support to Ethiopia during the UN Security Council’s deliberations on Tigray.

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