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Dire Dawa City Development Safety Net Project is improving the lives of many.

More than 3,000 households who were involved in the urban development safety net project have graduated from the administration.

The urban development safety net program, which is being implemented nationwide to address the food security problem of urban dwellers, is being implemented to benefit the low-income and poor sections of the society.

Among the regions and city administrations where the program is being implemented, 3,448 households who were part of the second round of the Dire Dawa Urban Development Safety Net have graduated from the program.

During the three years of its existence, the beneficiaries of the program have been involved in solid waste collection, green development, watershed development and infrastructure development.

Dire Dawa City Administration Job Creation and Food Security Agency Director, Markos Bayuh, on the occasion said that before the start of the program, more than 46,000 family members have benefited from the three rounds of safety net program in Dire Dawa. Life and business skills and job creation before the second round. On the other hand, Ahmed Mohamed Buh, Deputy Mayor of Dire Dawa Administration, said that the urban development safety net program of the Dire Dawa administration has transferred about 7,000 low-income people in nine urban kebeles of the administration in two rounds since 2009. He said they have been made to be self-sufficient.

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