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Hanan is a married Ethiopian actress who is blessed with two beautiful kids.

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In order to make the leather sector competitive in the international market, quality attention should be given.

Discussions were held with stakeholders in the shoe sector with a “Quality for competiveness” topic.
In his opening remarks, Director General of the Institute, Justice Shiferaw on the occasion said quality issues are a problem of quality and the management of companies is a fundamental problem of the sector.
According to Zulfikar Abajihad, director of the institute’s shoe industry development, footwear business is one of the seven countries in Africa in terms of footprint, followed by Tunisia, Morocco and South Africa. The reasons for this are the problems of business management and the importation of most of the inputs, both internal and external.
Similarly, Haile Kiros Debesay, Deputy Director General of the Shoe and Leather Products Sector, said in a study conducted by local footwear and laboratory testing that there is a problem with the design and the solvent. In this regard, the laboratory inspection conducted by the Leather Industry Development Institute is said to be in line with international standards.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) has held discussions with stakeholders to solve problems in the manufacturing sector. The Director of Leather and Textiles, Zerihun Abebe, who is also present at the forum, said that the manufacturing industry in the country has many complex problems. He said an agreement has been reached to work with stakeholders to solve the problems, adding that problems related to currency supply, power supply and problems related to the Customs Commission are also mentioned. Officials from the National Bank, the Development Bank, the Customs Commission, the Ethiopian Electric Service, the Investment Commission, the Development Institutions and the Ministry of Finance participated in the forum.

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